July 27-2012

Largest Chinook : 49lbs.
Largest Halibut : 70lbs.

So after a fair wait thru the better part of July, the big slabs decided to show up.  In the past couple of days 10 tyees were brought in with 4 over 40, 2 of them tying for first at 49.5 pounds.  The best Chinook fishing came from Borrowman Bay, Arnie's Hole and Moore Island was also on tyee fire.  The Coho are still plaguing the area and getting bigger by the day, average size is around 10 pounds with some coming in the teens already.  The halibut fishing is still fantastic off the pinnacle, heavy catches have been brought in from drifting the area over a slack tide.  The offshore fishing for bottomfish has been also fantastic, Spencer banks and Towner seem to be the better producers.  Seeing these Tyee come in sure is making everyone excited for the days to come.  We will keep you posted.