July 27-2013

Largest Chinook : 54lbs.
Largest Halibut : 140lbs.

Fishing was yoyoing all over the place.  Great mornings, slow afternoons.  Big fish, great Coho and excellent Halibut fishing.  Tide swings were huge over the past couple of days which probably was a big factor in the short salmon bites and also the reason we got so many biog halibut over the past couple of days.  Definitely the big fish moved in, we had more Tyees then all of July and the bigger ones ran in the mid 40's upto 53.5 pounds.  Fishing was done all over the place from South End Rennison to the Honey Hole and to all the way over to McPhee.   Everything worked out there, but the biggest one was caught on a wonderbread spoon, which coincidentally was the spoon of choice last year for big fish.

Halibut fishing was awesome everywhere, big ones came in from all over the map.  The pinnacle, 4 pinnacles by moore, and wells rock were the spots of choice.  The weather was incredibly flat these last few days and the guys wailed on them.