July 29-2016

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 90lbs.

BIG Trip...!!  We knocked em dead this trip, had great flat weather for the past few days which gave us access to all the fishing grounds in the Sound plus some offshore spots we have never been to. 

Area 51 was definitely the biggest producer of Springs this trip, limiting was easy if you stuck it out there and triple the amount of Tyee were brought in over any other trip in the summer.  Number 5 had a great bite this morning for Springs and Coho and the Honey Hole gave up some more big boys as well off Sailor Rock,  The Westerly winds picked up today and did not allow for much travel over open water so guys stuck pretty close.  Trolling Anchovy/Flasher was by far the best but some guys started trolling irish cream spoons around and having great success. 

Halibut fishing again was remarkable, seems like some of the old holes are picking up now like Borrowman Bay and the Pinnacle.  The offshore fishing was great but Lings are again in short supply. 

Well rounded trip, great weather and never hurts to ship a couple tons of fish out on the last day either. 

Weather forecast for the next few days is sunny but on the windy side, hopefully we get a break and can access all the grounds once again.

Tight Lines!