July 3-2017

Largest Chinook : 36lbs.
Largest Halibut : 80lbs.

The weather and fishing as the theme of 2017 has been going was fantastic. With mild tides and fair weather, the last couple of days have proved to be the most active of the entire summer. The salmon bites were very dependant on the slack tide, either low or high. The fish in the area did not begin actively feeding until the tide slacked off after the bait was pushed into the various areas dependant on tidal direction. Number 13(Wall Island) exploded like a bomb yesterday morning, insane amount of Chinook and reputable Coho were caught on the morning tide by all. This morning again was phenomenal as well as other areas such as Area 51. Really the fish bit on everything, but Green teaser heads and white or green flashers proved to be the number on producer. The hogs this morning were caught on whole herring though. The bait is everywhere and keeping the salmon coming in for some heavy feeding.

Halibut fishing was really good, the #7 rock, Pinnacle, and #9 Buoy all gave up some really nice fish.  Chicken Ranch was an instant catch for your 15 pound unders. 

Offshore fishing has been great at Isnor and Towner, lings are no longer extinct probably due to the mild tide changes and the snapper is an instant catch.  Big Halis have been caught and released out on the rocks over the last couple of days out on the rocks.

Some great weather ahead for the next few days we should have another great trip ahead.