July 4-2014

Largest Chinook : 34lbs.
Largest Halibut : 71lbs.

The start of this trip was incredible.  With a looming storm coming towards the later part of the trip, most boats capitalized on the flat water and went offshorwe to fill the fish boxes with ground fish and that they certainly did.  Yates Shoal, Evans Rock and Aranzazu Banks yielded huge catches of Snapper, Lingcod and beauty Halibut.

The salmon fishing on this trip was fairly spotty.  The weather moved in on us and sent the fish down deeper then we are used to.  Boats were pulling up Springs from 120 feet up at number 13 and 5.  That being said it seemed like some of the boats avoided the "funk" and did quite well grinding away in the Honey Hole and along Rennison Island.  The salmon fishing on this last trip was a classic case of right place right time.  The salmon were being caught on pretty much anything taht was in front of them.  Flasher/hoochie was run alot but there was a good number of people starting to favour a cut plug and staying tight to the kelp.

The Halibut fishing was outstanding, Parker Passage had a good quantity of 30 plus pounders brought out of it in the last few days.