July 6-2012

Largest Chinook : 33lbs.
Largest Halibut : 67lbs.

There are two words to explain the last few days...ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.  The weather was flat calm the entire trip and the fishing was "off the hook" but still on the hook if you catch my drift.  Being as flat as it was, needless to say the bottomfishing was incredible.  Huge Snapper, Lingcod and Halibut were pulled off Spencer Banks and Towner Banks.  The odds of hooking into a 50 plus pound halbut were the best we ever have seen.  If they weren't landed they were lost half way up.

The Chinook fishing started a little sluggish, but by today was probably one of the best days for shear quantity we have ever had.  Boats were tossing back 25 pounders looking for that last big Chinook.  The bites were wide spread and experienced by every boat it seemed.  Rennison Island, Borrowman Bay, Moore Island and Treneman Island were definitely the hot spots by the end.  Trolling spoons such as Army Truck, Diamond Lance, Party Girls and Mongooses were working best as the water was very clear.  No need for flashers it seemed and mimicking small bait definitely seemed to produce more fish.  Coho are still fairly sparce, but a limit can be found mixed in with the Chinook if you are not overly picky.

Only tonight will tell but more then likely the heaviest load of fish fillets we have ever taken from the lodge.  Looking forward for the days to come.....we'll keep you posted