July 7-2017

Largest Chinook : 34lbs.
Largest Halibut : 200lbs.

Caamano Sound has been absolutely heaven on the coast.  We had the flattest sunniest clearest 4 days I have witnessed in the last decade.  These conditions really opened up access to all spots and it paid off for those who only travelled 5 minutes from the lodge.  Again the honey hole was pounded and again the fishing was remarkable.  The springs are getting bigger on average and not many had a problem tagging out prior to the end of the trip.  Running anchovies or spoons, with flashers or daisy chains remained the best method of attack for sure.  The Coho came through in good numbers as well in the honey hole as well as Wall Island.  Typically the bulk of the fleet is running no deeper then 50 feet some as shallow as 25.  Green is still the dominant color being used on the water whether hardware or for teaser heads and flashers.

The ocean cried this trip with the amount of bottom fish pulled out from offshore and off our hali spots.  Full limits of ling, snapper and all sizes of hali were attained by most.  Water conditions were flat and everyone enjoyed the whitefish bounties that came from the area.

Weather is looking pretty fair for the next few days so we should have a similar success filled trip coming up.