July 9-2010

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 105lbs.

The winds suddenly stopped, the sea laid down and the dock filled with tons of fish...literally.  This last group slayed all species of fish we have in the area, especially the ground fish.  The weigh area was littered with all colors of the fishing rainbow, black(Chinook), green(Halis), orange(Snapper) and brown(Ling) representing some of the best action we have seen in a while.  Lots of snapper and lingocd came in from Isnor Rock, the Boot and Towner Bank and most boats were accompanied by trophy size Halibut from the same area.  The salmon fishing has been great all over the place, Coho are being caught pretty much everywhere and are in the 8 to 13 size range with a big 15.5# brought in this morning.  Pretty good considering it is the first week of July.  The Chinook catches have been great at Kettle Inlet, Ryan's Hole(#9), Beaver Point and the Honey Hole.  The best spoon colors are still Party Girl Coyote and Tomic Happy Hooker.  Cutplugging is still working great at about 20 pulls.

Great weather, busy fish cutters, all and all a successful trip.   And the forecast looks great!