July 9-2012

Largest Chinook : 36lbs.
Largest Halibut : 45lbs.

Well I hate to be the bringer of news like this because it doesn't even seem possible that the fishing could just turn out to be... the greatest we have see in a while.  Had you going for a minute.  The Chinook are literally everywhere on the map, as always some boats did better then others but guys were recording numbers like 20 or more Chinook boated in an afternoon.  And these aren't "dink's".  As hard as it was, some were releasing 25 pounders after the first full day looking for bigger and better fish.  The better spots have been South End of Rennison as always, the bites can be spread apart but when they come on they are on.  You look up and every boat has fish on at times...every boat.  Moore Island has turned out to be another hotspot, with Treneman Island and FuNkY rOcK right behind.  Borrowman Bay has also been a pretty steady producer for big fish.  The Coho have moved in to the Top End of Rennison offering up some great action.  Still pulling such as Party Girl, UV and Diamond Lance spoons down 25 feet has worked best for all species.

The Bottom fishing remains awesome off shore, record catches of Snapper Lingcod and Halibut have been coming in.  The grounds have been very accessible because of the good weather.