July 9-2014

Largest Chinook : 28lbs.
Largest Halibut : 70lbs.

These past few days were interesting.  The weather again has proven that it can change in an instant and go from perfect to nasty in a heartbeat.  The trip started with huge stormy weather then cleaned up a little and then turned pretty bad again, really limiting the fishing area.  That being said there was some pretty good fishing to be had in the sheltered waters.  The coho have officially moved in and are getting up to 13 pounds which is fantastic, the Chinook are still on the small side but yesterday afternoon did show signs of improvement.  Number 5 gave up some good bites and a bunch in the low 20's were caught right at the point.  Going really deep though.  70 -90 feet down of the downriggers is not uncommon.   Flasher hoochie and protrolling was working best overall.  Number 13 and the honey hole remain fairly consistent for catching.

The halibut fishing is still great and they can be caught all over the map.  The bottom fishing was great as well, Yates and Evans rock remain the best.