June 10-2011

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 40lbs.

The first trip went as well as anyone could imagine.  Day one and day two of the trip the fish were really localized to area 10(Darkside).  Most were teenagers averaging 14-18 pounds and some in there were upto high 20's.  Party girl pattern Coyote Spoons were and are the best working lures going out there right now.  For the last couple of days the salmon fishing has been great.  A good jag of fish showed up yesterday and offered guests widespread action all over the map.  Numerous chinook were brought in from the Darkside and East and North end of Rennison Island.  A good number of Tyees were landed and lots of teenagers were released.  Most were enticed in with various flavors of spoons and some on trolling bait with pro troll teaser heads.  The one constant was that all fish were caught no deeper then 30 feet down, could be due to colder water conditions then in previous years.  THe weather has been beautiful and mild and it is looking to stay the same for the next few days.