June 10-2012

Largest Chinook : 28lbs.
Largest Halibut : 54lbs.

The big guys are trickling in, we have had some up and down weather which may have shaken the fish up a little bit.  All and all there is still Chinook around, the noted spots are still the Darkside and Borrowman Bay first thing in the morning, Kettle Inlet and Funky Rock have given up some decent catches and Wall Island(top end of Rennison) has been getting better and better every day.  The chinook are still all around the 20 mark and amazing enough the Coho are starting to show up in Kettle and Wall Island.  Trolling 25 to 40 feet down with spoons or bait is still working, any color scheme with green or chartreuse has definitely been the best.  Faster speeds, 1000-1100 rpm is definitely needed. 

The halibut fishing has been fantastic in Parker Passage, all around 25 to 40 pounds and hard to get your under 83 cm fish.  Also down there is an amazing amount of Pacific Cod.  We finally made it offshore and the fishing was great, Isnor produced some great Lings and Towner Banks was better for a mix of both Ling and big Snapper not too mention nioce halibut in the 50's.