June 10-2014

Largest Chinook : 33lbs.
Largest Halibut : 100lbs.

The Chinook fishing over the past few days has been at utter highs and lows.  The first day of this trip was probably one of the best I have seen in 10 years.  All boats limiting and releasing multiple Springs.  The next day was slow but the  fantastic Halibut fishing made up for it.  Then the next day it was good again.

The best tactic so far is to run green gear down 80-90 feet on the top end at Wall Island.  Whether it is flasher/hoochie or flasher/spoon or spoons and protrolls green has been a better color.  The fish are definitely funneling through in waves, and when it is on it is on.  We have also been catching quite a few chinook offshore while fishing for ling and snapper...still deep.

The Halibut this year once again do not disappoint.  We have incrdible fishing off the pinnacle and parker pass, with a couple of 100 pound releases already and lots of halibut caught by everyone.

All and all a great trip.