June 12-2012

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 54lbs.

The past few days have been really trying on the fishermen.  The weather was extremely under forecast, heavy rain and wind turned out to be not very productive on the water.  Fish were still caught, but it wasn't until last night and this morning when the bites started really happening.  Throughout the windy days, the fishermen were kept amazingly busy halibut fishing when the salmon bite seemed slow.  The halibut fishing in Parker Passage is incredible, a sure thing and it is hard to find a fish under the 83 cm mark.  All seem to be 25 plus pounds and boats are landing upto a dozen in one tide change. 

The hotter spots for salmon were the top ends of Aristazabal and Rennison Island and Borrowman Bay.  Last night and this morning Kettle has lit up and a good deal of fish are coming in because of it.  Previous to the storms the plentiful fish supply was all around 15 to 25 pounds, now after there is lots coming in the high twenties and into the thirties.  Many different spoons have been used over the past few days, after the heavy rainfall it seems Watermelon Coyotes have been working best.  Trolling 35 feet at a fairly good clip has seemed to generate better bites.  Bait in teaser heads has also been fairly productive.

The bottomfishing when we were able to get out was beyond good.  There has also been some signs of Coho starting to show up at Wall Island as well which is fairly early in relation to other years.