June 13-2015

Largest Chinook : 33lbs.
Largest Halibut : 50lbs.

The fishing has been great under the circumstances.  Fairly heavy winds over the past couple of days have made the fishing grounds limited especially for Salmon.  The Chinook still bit heavy at the tide changes at Hicks Channel and the Honey Hole.  Some boats on the mid morning tide were catching up to 15 in a 1.5 hour time period at the North end of Hick's.  Good news are the fish are getting bigger, still a good number of 12 pounders but the 20's are becoming more prevalent as keepers.  Protrolls and green glow spoons ran at about 35-45 feet has worked the best.

Halibut fishing has been primarily done at the Pinnacle and catches have been great.  Smaller halibut seemed to have been pulled off of it over the first trip but last night a couple of boats tied up and yarded up some good fish in the 40+ pound range.

One of the first days these fishers were here, they managed to get offshore and it was a little slower then what was expected but rustling up a limit of lings in a morning seemed to be manageable.