June 14-2010

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 113lbs.

So the fishing has finally begun, all the popular areas today had bites on.  From Ryan's Hole, to Beaver Point to Wall Island to the Honey Hole.  Basically all corners of the map experienced good salmon bites today.  The Chinooks are coming in around the mid 20's with a few Tyees brought in.  There has also been some Coho showing up at the North end of Rennison and Aristazabal. The most popular way fishing them has been with herring either cutplugging(mooching or on the riggers at 35 to 45 feet) and using Pro Trolls.  

The halibut fishing has been pretty outstanding as well, buoy 8 and 13(in Parker Passage) have produced some nice fish in the 100 pound range over the past couple of days and consistantly through each tide change.  The bottom fishing is still pretty good but windy conditions have prevented a good deal of opportunities to go.

All and all looking forward to the upcoming days.