June 14-2011

Largest Chinook : 44lbs.
Largest Halibut : 99lbs.

The fishing has been fairly good for the past few days.  The weather has posed it's share of challenges but the fish coming in has shown what a productive year it is looking to become.  A great deal of Chinooks which have been averaging 20 to 30 pounds have been brought in from the Parker Passage area.  The largest being 44 pounds which was taken of Beaver Point.  A fair share of the others in that weight range were pulled out of Arnie's Hole and the Darkside.  For great action, the mouth of Kettle Inlet and the rock in Borrowman Bay have been by far the best places.  A great deal of mid teens Chinook were brought in from both areas.  Most people have been catching them around the 25-35 foot depth, some on cut plug and a great deal on trolled spoons ranging from Chrome, Party Girl and a wide variety of green patterns.

The offshore fishing is still amazing, limits of snapper and ling cod have been brought in regularly from Evan's Rock around 10 miles offshore.  The halibut fishing has really picked up as well.  The better place for numbers has been west Russel Bank and the Pinnacle.  The big boys have come in from the Pinnacle and out at Cliffe Rock.