June 15-2013

Largest Chinook : 35lbs.
Largest Halibut : 120lbs.

The past few days were kind of up and down like a yo yo.  It was definitely a classic "right place right time" fishery.  There were lots of fish caught, but the bites were short and the areas were fairly spread out.  Wall Island, Moore Island and Kettle Inlet were the top producers for both Chinook and Coho.  Trolling bait close to the bottom in 50-70 feet of water caught most of the fish at Wall Island.

The halibut fishing has been phenomenal.  There were two halis realeased that were well over 100 pounds or 60".  Good footage was taken on both accounts.  Lots of halibut in the 40 to 50 pound range have been brought in just under the mark.  Good to see.

The bottomfishing has been great as well off at Spencer Banks.  Loads of Snapper and Lingcod were brought in by everybody out on the water.

The weather has been fantastic, maybe too good as we may need a weather change to shake things up a little on the fishing grounds.