June 15-2015

Largest Chinook : 30lbs.
Largest Halibut : 40lbs.

The last few days the fish patterns changed quite a bit due to the massive tides that have been occuring.  The end of Hicks channel which was super hot last week dried up so it took us a day to go find them again, which we did. Kettle Inlet was on fire on the ebb tide for shear quantity of fish, size was smaller but a few in the mid 20's were pulled out but majority was in the 10-15 pound range.  Moore Island is showing some promise over the past 24 hours, some Tyees and high 20's were caught on the east side of the island just after the tide changing to ebb.  The regular holes like Hog Heaven and Honey Hole were best right at the tide changes high or low.  The one factor that was common for all areas was the immense amount of bait that had been pushed through when the bite was on.  Trolling 40-80 feet with some sort of green glow spoon and flasher combo seemed to be the most productive.  Some protrolling was done but hardwear seemed to be best.  Some of the guides had a few free hours and started trolling the open water shoals and did quite well out by moore island, again if the bait was there the fish were too.

The halibut fishing has been a bit of a struggle, if you put in the time you will get your limit but it is taking a great deal longer then what we have experienced over the start of the season.  Some nice ones were pulled out of Parker Pass and we did find some down by the Turnip Patch south of the Anderson Islands. 

Bottomfishing offshore has been fair, but not as hot as in the past.  Towner Banks and Wells Rock still seem to be the best overall spots and they are catching Chinook out there as well down 100 feet.

Fairly consistent fishing overall and consensus is that a new batch of big fish have started to move in, hopefully the fortune teller was telling the truth(by that I mean me)


Clint NKL