June 15-2018

Largest Chinook : 34lbs.
Largest Halibut : 110lbs.

An interesting year 2018 is shaping up to be. Unlike any other year we have a ton of young springs around all between 6-12 pounds, and I mean tons of them. It's nice to have action all day long but there is a lot of sifting to get nice fish, unless you find those pockets that are stocked with the 20 plus pounders. It almost feels like those years when you are pink fishing and can't keep them off. The "pockets" that have been putting up some nice fish are Arnie's Hole, Ryan's Hole, Borrowman Bay and Funky Rock and as of today the Honey Hole had a really nice bite and the boats were hauling on them. These fish are hungry and pretty much taking whatever you throw at them, to the extent where anglers at night have been jigging them in the front bay. Pretty fricking amazing. Trolling flasher/anchovy or flasher/spoons have been the most productive. Depending on area, 37-47' down with the smaller spots being 27-32'.

Bottom fishing for Lingcod and Halibut has been really great as well, Wells Rock when it can be accessed has been the best for both. Isnor has had great ling fishing, and inside spots such as Parker Passage and the Pinnacle have been great too. Tides are huge right now so picking your time to do bottomfishing has been key as well as the weather conditions.