June 16-2012

Largest Chinook : 46lbs.
Largest Halibut : 72lbs.

The past few days have been amazing.  The weather picked up at the tail end of the trip but prior to that we were blessed with sunshine and calm waters.  The salmon fishing was fantastic, some of the best bites we have seen in years. Some boats were boating 20 plus Chinook a day.  The Chinook right now also have some good size, most of them in the high 20's and quite a few Tyees in the 30's and a couple in the 40's.  The better spots for the big fish were the east side of Rennison Island and number 5, for quantity the better bites have been in the Darkside, Funky Rock and Little Kettle.  Trolling protrolls with big bait or larger spoons produced bigger fish and diamond lance spoonbs and smaller coyote spoons have been better for quantity.

The halibut fishing remains incredible in Parker Passage, you drop you get a halibut.  Generally using whole herring and staying through a slack tide has been best.  The bottom fishing is also fantastic out on Towner Banks and by Janion Rock.  Good size ling and snapper are very plentiful.