June 16-2017

Largest Chinook : 37lbs.
Largest Halibut : 150lbs.

Sorry it has been a bit for the latest fishing report, bottomline is we have been catching too many fish.  There has been some incredible fishing witnessed in the area the past week.  Hard bites were capitalized on at #2 or Sailor Rock today where everyboat had fish on their lines at the same time.  Area 51 still has been very productive for quantity, but the big guys are feeding on our side of the sound.  Access was everything, had a big storm come through which dampened the fishing and the spirits of the guys on the water but the sun poked it's head and the bite was on.  Fishing everything from anchovy/flasher(nothing specific) to protrolled herring and various spoons are working you just have to be there when it turns on as people have witnessed.  Another apparent difference from past years is the amount of Tyees coming in daily, probably upto 5 times the average for 30 plus pounders caught...granted there are ton in the teens coming in.  Boats were reporting upto 30 springs hooked up this morning alone.  The coho are still coming in but being that teh top ends of the islands were pretty rocky not many boats have been pursuing them.

Halibut fishing has been great as well, pinnacle and the peanut off 13 have been steady for size and quantity.  Avergae size is well above the 30 pound mark. 

Due to wave heights and residual swell from the storms, offshore fishing has been inexistant for the past couple of days.

Heres to a hot summer.