June 17-2011

Largest Chinook : 37lbs.
Largest Halibut : 98lbs.

The past few days has been very steady fishing for salmon.  Good bites have taken place all over the map, most being teenagers in the 14 to 18 pound range.  Rennison Island has produced a good number of Chinook throughout  the day.  The Darkside, Farside, Beaver Point and Arnie's Hole have been some of the better areas for quality as well as quantity.  Beaver Point has been the better spot for the bigger fish although it is not holding as much or is not as consistant as the other spots in the area.  The rock in Borrowman Bay at the end of the ebb has been an excellent spot for big Chinook.  The bites have been very specific to certain times of the day based on tide flow.  Wall Island has had a lot of action for Coho.  Pretty incredible based on the time of year and the size of the Coho is also impressive as they have been landed upto 13 pounds already.  A nice bonus for June fishing which usually sees very little Coho.

Dragging around hardware is still the weapon of choice.  Plugs, spoons of various colours(Party Girl, Watermelon and Half-half) have been proven to work.  Some people have been combining them with a flasher when the bite has been slow and it seems to entice the bite.  Bait has been working as well and it has seemed to catch the bigger fish as well.

Bottomfishing is absolutely incredible.  We can thank Nigel and the guys for finding some fresh rocks to fish and the catches have been amazing.  Limits of snapper and lingcod are almost a "gimme" if you can make it out to Evans Rock or Cliffe Rock and there has been some excellent Halibut fishing close to the lodge on West Russel Bank and Richards Shoal(within a ten minute run).  Most of the big guys have been caught whilst lingcod fishing in under 75 feet of water out at Richard's Shoal and have ranged from 25 to 100 pounds.