June 18-2010

Largest Chinook : 45lbs.
Largest Halibut : 50lbs.

Another great trip. The weather came back down to normal and we had some great bites in the past few days.  Lots of limits on Chinook and they are big.  There was numerous Tyees brought to the dock, four of them being over 40 pounds with the largest going 45.  A good deal of them lost out there as well.  One of the biggest hotspots has been the east side of Rennison Island which has led to a new spot being called "Hog Heaven" or number 6 on our map.  The "Honey Hole" has also been producing some great fish and there is still good bites happening on the high tide in "The Dark Side"and Kettle Inlet.  Still one of the most popular methods has been dragging herring with teaser heads(Pro Trolls) down from 35 to 50 feet, but some areas like Kettle Inlet and "The Dark Side" are still great for mooching at 20 pulls.  Some of the big guys have been caught on Coyote 4.0 Spoons with "Party Girl" and "Flo Glow" Patterns.

The Coho are showing up more and more every day.  There have been signs of bites starting to happen off of Ulric Point and Wall Island.  They are coming in at good sizes too for June, averaging around 7.5 pounds.  Mostly caught on herring and spoons and from 0 to 50 feet down.

Halibut fishing has been alright in Parker Passage, but some of the bigger stuff has been caught on the Pinnacle drifting.