June 20-2012

Largest Chinook : 39lbs.
Largest Halibut : 116lbs.

The fishing for the past few days has been great.  Quantity and quality is coming in from all over the map.  In comparison to last year the fish are considerably larger, we have landed more Tyees in the first 10 days of operation this then we did the entire month of June last year...incredible.  The hotter spots have been south end of Rennison inclusive of Beaver Point, the Darkside and Arnie's Hole.  The Honey Hole has produced quite a few fish in the high 20's and Funky Rock down south continues to put up the heaviest action, some boats are landing upto 20 springs on a tide...not to say that it is happening regularly but none the less it is happening.  The bait is in the area thick so the feeling is that our area will be a staging grounds for a great deal of salmon runs to stop and feed before they head out to their destination rivers.  Still trolling a wide variety of spoons has proven to be the best, Mongoose adn Watermelon have been working and pro trolling bait as well.  Speed is definitely also a key ingredient in landing these Chinook.  2.5 to 2.8 Knots and down 25 to 35 feet.

The Halibut fishing is still fantastic in Parker Passage, drifting 280-290 with a whole herring is best.  Towner and Spencer banks have also been putting up incredible bottom fish catches.

One of the best years we have seen yet for consistancy and size, can't wait for the next few days.