June 20-2017

Largest Chinook : 36lbs.
Largest Halibut : 230lbs.

This trip was all about quantity, I can't recall the last time so many Chinook were through this area and actually bit all day.  Still quite a few tweens but some more Tyees on average then any other year.  The weather was on a roller coaster ride, day 1 was flat so everyone got out bottom bouncing, Day 2 a little choppy and day 3 just miserable.  But regardless the Salmon fishing was epic, most people played catch and release trying to find that hog by the end of yesterday.  Hicks Channel all the way to Number 5 trolling tack was the best bet for getting into the fish.  The bait was being pushed on to that side and the boats were really capitalizing on the opportunity.  Everything seemed to work, trolling 30-60 feet in open water was very productive.

Halibut fishing was limitied to weather because of the windy conditions, so it wasnt the greatest but those who grinded it out in Borrowman Bay did well.  Offshore fishing was great, ingcod and snapper catches not too mention at 200plus pound Halbut release was had a towner and spencer banks.

Some great weather forecast for the next few days.   Should give us another great opportunity at the fishing.