June 22-2011

Largest Chinook : 34lbs.
Largest Halibut : 78lbs.

Things are excellent in the area.  Th salmon fishing as far as quantities go is some of the best we have had in the past four to five years.  The average size is still between 15 and 25 pounds with the odd one hitting 30 plus.  The favoured spots lately are still South End of Rennison Island, Kettle Inlet and Borrowman Bay and still the weapon of choice are 5 to 6 inch spoons of various color patterns accompanied with flashers and being dragged pretty quick at depths of 25 to 60 feet.  The Darkside and Arnie's Hole are by far the best producing spots on a flood tide in the morning and Kettle Inlet and Borrowman Bay have been great spots to hit on your way home at the end of the day.

The bottomfishing is absolutely unreal, huge snapper and lingcod in big quantities are coming of Evan's Rock and Cliffe Rock.  Doesn't take long to limit out and get back to the salmon.  Generally being accompanied by a guide is the best way to get around offshore, so it may be a consideration for your upcoming trip to book some guide time in advance as they are in high demand and the weatehr has been great.

The halibut fishing is still fantastic and the sizes coming in are also quite impressive.  The Pinnacle, West Russel Banks and RIchards Shoal are still the best spots to hit at a slack tide anytime of day.