June 23-2014

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 36lbs.

Great trip.  The first two days were stormy but some of the best fishing we have seen this year.  With big SE winds blowing all the boats were nestled in at the honey hole and number 5 and they lit it up.  Trolling down 45 feet with a flasher and a hoochie or a pro troll with dummy flasher off the downrigger ball has been productive.  Spoons that have been working are smaller coyote patterns like Green or Yellow UV, Watermelon, Mongoose and at times Party Girls.  The days have been fairly grey so getting a little flash or glow down there has been paying off.  Coho are starting to show up as well up around Wall Island along with some smaller Chinook in the 10-15 pound range although a 32 pounder was caught this afternoon.  The bait is thick everywhere.

Due to some very windy conditions, off shore fishing was inexistent.  The halibut fishing was also quite slow which is a complete turn around from what the previous trips experienced.

There is good weather in the forecast so I am sure we will have a better go at the groundfish this week.