June 23-2016

Largest Chinook : 33lbs.
Largest Halibut : 115lbs.

The fishing is excellent over the past few days, big storms which are miserable to be out in are bringing in fish by the droves.  Every blow up we have had a new run seems to hit the area and they are getting bigger and bigger.  The key to success has been working huge bait balls of very small baitfish.  Regulary fishermen are seeing Chinook surface feeding on this bait, so the fish are feeding hard and in turn slamming the hooks that are being presented to them.  Farside and Borrowman Bay are still the most consistent for quantity of fish in 15-20 pound range, but Hicks Channel and Sailor Rock have been producing the biggest fish so far, a few Tyee were pulled from these areas yesterday.  Trolling really anything down 30-50 feet has worked as the fish seem to be really aggressively feeding when the bite is on.  Protrolled herring has definitely caught the larger fish.

The halibut fishing remains strong, the Pinnacle and Parker Passage have been the best spots and the size of fish being brought in is remarkable.  Average 30-70 pounds on most.  The groundfishing has also been great, Towner Banks and Wells Rock have given up jags of Snapper and Lingcod.  The fish are deeper then we generally fish, 280-350 feet which is probably why it took our fleet a while to find them.  So be prepared for a work out if offshore fishing is on your list when you are here.