June 24-2017

Largest Chinook : 36lbs.
Largest Halibut : 100lbs.

The honey hole has continued to be the place to be.  Fishing was awesome and some of the salmon bites that turned on in the honey hole were the best that we have ever had.  The fish seemed to be coming in with the tid eand ravaging bait along the Hicks to Honey Hole shoreline and up towards the Eagles Nest.  Number 5 was the place to go for Coho, actually the only place now.  Anchovy set ups were primarily used but the boats who ran protrolled herring definitely benefited from the quality of fish verse the quantity.  Trolling green themed or purple UV set up down 30-40 feet was most productive.  Halibut fishing was tricky and again very tide sensitive, morning tides have been huge, in excess of 16' which made bottomfishing almost impossible at times.  But Little Haida Gwaii Bank was the sure thing for chicken size halibut(20-30 pounds), further offshore is where the larger(too large) were caught.  Because of the calm water, some guys trolled the offshore banks and had fairly good catches of salmon and lingcod. 

High Pressure remains in the area and has resulted in some fantastic weather over the past few days and will remain that way for a couple to come.