June 25-2018

Largest Chinook : 28lbs.
Largest Halibut : 141lbs.

The weather has been great the last few days, along with that there has been some warming of the water temperature which has resulted in some algae blooms which have pushed the fish a little deeper in the water column and out of some of the shallower waters. Along with smaller tides some of the areas are not flushing as much as would be liked as well. So the guides are fishing areas where the water is moving faster during the tide such as Ryan's Hole(#9) which has put up the largest of the Chinook caught, Arnie's has still been a great producer but it seems like the bulk of the fish we have had have moved south on the outside of the island. Funky Rock and Treneman Island have held the greatest concentration of fish over the past couple of days, much like what happened earlier in the season. Wall Island has had a couple good bites as well, but as stated earlier much deeper in the water column, down 75 plus feet. Halibut fishing remains strong, Russel Banks, Wells Rock and the Chicken Ranch are all pretty much done deals for good size keeper halis. Green or White flashers with anchovy, Whole Herring ran with Protrolls or green spoons have proven to be the best out there now.