June 26-2012

Largest Chinook : 37lbs.
Largest Halibut : 54lbs.

The fishing in the past week has been great.  A typical trip will get at least two days of great action filled salmon fishing.  The fish are nice size and coming in from Beaver Point, Ryan's Hole, Dark Side, Honey Hole, and Funky Rock.  The fish kept are averaging 20-30 pounds and there are plenty more released in smaller sizes.  These runs move in with the weather, good weather with high pressure has turned the fish on and every few days a low comes through and will turn them off.  Spoons still hold the title for most fish caught, Party Girl, Mongoose, Watermelon and Army Truck have been working the best.  Coho are coming in from all over the map, not in great quantity yet but mixed sporatically in with the Chinook.  A nice added bonus for the fishermen.  Parker Passage is still hot fot Halibut and Lingcod.  Offshore fishing remains excellent at some of the farther banks west of the lodge.