June 28-2011

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 79lbs.

The first couple days of this last trip were pretty sluggish.  The weather was fantastic but the fish just didn't want to bite as much as they had earlier in June.  For the past day or so the fishing has lit up again...Yay!  Good size Chinook(meaning larger then the teens that we were quite accustomed to catching) are being landed in some of the good old places like the Honey Hole and the east side of Rennison Island.  Good long bites have offered up some great action to the fishermen.  The early morning bite has still been better in the Darkside and Arnie's Hole and now Honey Hole.  As the day progresses, other spots such as Nob Hill, North Hicks and Rennison have been better in the early afternoon and Kettle Inlet has been great in the evening or start of a flood tide in the morning.  Various spoon and flasher combinations have been working in all areas.  Party girl and Diamond Lance have been the best so far.  Bait has also been working extremely well, either cutplugged off the cannonball or being trolled at a higher speed with a Pro Troll herring head. 

The Halibut fishing was great off the pinnacle, countless halibut caught and released off of the buoy.  Biggest one off it was 79 pounds.  The offshore fishing has still been extremely productive, Janion Rock and Evans Rock have been the favoured spots by our guide staff.