June 28-2013

Largest Chinook : 44lbs.
Largest Halibut : 67lbs.

The area has come alive with salmon, the Coho salmon have hit Caamano Sound in full force.  Boats have been landing 20-30 a day and could probably do more if they stuck it out longer.  Mixed in with the Coho are some nice size Chinook as well.  They are growing too, the average size kept was probably 18-22 pounds and some really nice fatty's have come in as well.  The top end of the islands are by far the best for steady salmon action, trolling party girl, cop car or chartreuse spoons or protrolls off your downrigger down 30-50 feet has been the better route to take.  There has been some great bites on the inside as well, Dark Side, Honey Hole and number 7 have given up some big thugs.  44 being the biggest but lots in the high 20's.

The halibut fishing is still excellent in Parker Passage and this group did very well on higher limit halibut.  A good deal of 35-50 pound halibut were brought in from the tie ups.

Bottom fishing has been fairly slow, tides have been huge and made the window very limited to fishing time on the rocks.  We feel that this has played a huge part in keeping the bottom crawlers off the bite.