June 29-2010

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 48lbs.

A low pressure system has dropped in on us over the past few days and slowed up the Salmon bite quite a bit.  The mix of wind and heavy rain has led to the Chinook salmon that were in the area to move on to other grounds.  There is still some spots on the map that have been producing decent Chinooks, such as the mouth of Parker Passage and at Wall Island(#13).  In light of some slower Chinook fishing, guys have been motoring up to the North End of Rennison Island and catching Coho in good numbers and size.  The best method for catching both Coho and Chinook has been trolling a pink or Party Girl Coyote spoon down between 20 and 35 feet. 

The halibut fishing has been good on all the buoys in Parker Passage(8,9,15) nothing big in the last few days but enough to get your limits.

The weather is looking to improve with some westerly winds, which always leads a new batch of recruits into the area for our angling enjoyment.