June 29-2012

Largest Chinook : 40lbs.
Largest Halibut : 56lbs.

The fishing has been some of the best we have seen so far. Generally in the past couple weeks most of the great fishing was done when the weather was great. This last trip proved different, we had some fairly wet and windy weather and the fish bit all day long. Beaver Point(south side of Rennison) was the hotspot. Boats were fighting fish all day when it turned on. The west side of Rennison in Obstn Bay was also great. Most of the salmon being caught were nice size too, all around 20 plus pounds. Kettle Inlet, Funky Rock and Borrowman Bay all offered up some great action for guys on the water. Party Girls were definitely a hit over the past week, they caught more then half the salmon on the water. Guys did have some luck cutplugging as well when the bite was red hot.

Parker Passage continues to produce nice halibut, getting your limit is definitely not a problem.