June 29-2015

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 120lbs.

The fishing was outstanding again.  The salmon bites when they came on were fantastic.  They were more intermittent then the trip prior but the lulls were occupied with some fantastic bottom fishing offshore.  The best spots for Chinook and Coho which seem to be fully mixed now were the Honey Hole, Number 5 and Number 16.  Running spoons(green and glow) variety and trolled herring seemed to be the best route and anywhere from 35 to 85 feet deep.  Again the amount of bait in the area was the main factor in any bite that went on.  The tyees from the trip all came in from the Honey Hole.  Coho are beauties right now, all sizing around 8-10 pounds.  Number 5 was the most consistent spot by far.


Halibut fishing still was a little tough, but guys managed to get limits off the pinnacle and the turnip patch off Richards shoal.


Another great trip and the weather was incredible.  Looking forward to the next few days.