June 3-2016

Largest Chinook : 30lbs.
Largest Halibut : 25lbs.

We are now in Borrowman Bay and see our first guests on the 10th.  We have had a few chances to get out on the grounds and do some test fishing and have had great results.  We wish we could be out a little more but the weather has been down right nasty, but with the minimal hours put in the boats were all catching fish.

So far, the better spots have been Arnie's hole which have produced a good jag of 15-25 pounders mostly caught on an anchovy flasher set up.  Generally that little spot holds a lot of smaller bait like needlefish so imitating the bait size in there has been the best tactic.

It was "PARTY TIME" in the Honey Hole yesterday producing the first Tyee of the year on you know it a Party Girl Coyote 5.0 spoon. Also flasher and small spoon set ups have been very effective in catching very formidable Chinooks.  Every fish caught out there has fought like it was their last fight, which evidentally it ended up being.

Halibut fishing was great right out front in the trough at about 260 feet.  Largest so far esd 25 pounds and others were nice under size around the 18 pound mark.

Super stormy today, but the next few days look good to get and spend some really good time on the water.  We will be keeping you posted.