June 5-2013

Largest Chinook : 24lbs.
Largest Halibut : 50lbs.

The guides all arrived in camp yesterday and this morning we basically got to cover the whole map properly.  The results were great, pretty much everywhere they went they got on to some great Chinook action.  The top spots go to Funky Rock, the Dark Side, the Far Side and Beaver Point.  Fish were also caught in Kettle Inlet and the honey hole.  It was a brilliant morning, great sunny weather and calm water conditions.  Most of the guides opted to use a glow style spoon such as Lime Twist Glow or army truck glow, but there were also quite a few fish caught on protrolled herring.

The halibut buoys have been dropped and they have all produced nice size halibut in suprising abundance, most were around the 25 to 35 pound mark.  The bottom fishing for Snapper and Ling was also great out at Isnor, Wells Rock and Towner Banks.

2 more days and the party begins!!!