June 5-2017

Largest Chinook : 26lbs.
Largest Halibut : 12lbs.

The new season is upon us and just getting staff in today.  A few of us have been bobbing around test fishing and boy oh boy....it's been good.  Water conditions are perfect, weather has been crumby but the water in our area is clear, cold and full of herring. 

The past mornings have been extremely productive in Hicks Channel and the Honey Hole.  Green seems to be the theme this year, running a green flasher with smaller green spoon such as Irish Cream or Coyote 4.0 Kitchen Sink has been great.  Also Green Dasiy Chain of the ball with herring in a teaser head or protroll has nabbed quite a few slabs.  Down 37 to 47 feet in 55 to 100 feet of water seems to be where the salmon have been actively feeding.  Other spots that have produced nice fish have been #5 and Wall Island but down deeper like 75-95 feet.  Kettle Inlet has been a steady producer as well towards the back end of the entrance in, usually on a flooding tide. 

Great start to the year, look out for the first real report when the guests arrive on the 9th.  We'll have quite a few boats out and will get it all dialed really quick.