June 8-2016

Largest Chinook : 31lbs.
Largest Halibut : 34lbs.

WOWZA, what a morning.  Strong winds died down and a few of us got out to try the West Side of Rennison Island and man was it good.  The bait was stacked at the Far Side which a couple of days ago had an incredible bite in the morning.  Every boat was hooked up with high teens fish and a couple high twenties.  This morning however the wind was blowing the bait up against the far side again but all the fish were hidden in the Dark Side and there was a pile of the hungry buggers in there.  Trolling GREEN flasher/anchovy or small spoon set ups at 25-37 feet was by far the best tactic.  Arnie;s Hole tends to be a fairly consistent spot to get fish as well...all the way in the back.  It seems the fish are really concentrated in small areas that are holding bait, so it may take a little work to find them but once you do...IT'S ON!

Halibut fishing was really good down on the east side of Moore Island on some of the shallow reefs...Parker Pass and Borrowman which are usually our go to spots have been tough but we have also had huge tide swings and we feel this may have hindered the bottom fishing a little.

Haven't had a chance to fish the outside rocks yet, so I am sorry there is no report on the offshore bottomfishing as of yet.

It seems like the fish are showing up more and more in waves, 1 good day then a slow day, but the fish are great size and fighting incredibly hard so patience is paying off forsure.

See ya on the docks in a couple of days.