June 9-2015

Largest Chinook : 33lbs.
Largest Halibut : 130lbs.

The season is off to a great start.  The salmon fishing has been fantastic, Chinook as well as Coho are moving in and the best spots to catch them are up at Number 13 and the Honey Hole.  When the bite was on boats were hooking and releasing up to 20 Chinook in the morning and there was a few night bites that were equally productive.  A great deal of the Chinook were in the early teens so many people were sifting through them to get some bigger ones. Various methods were used from green scheme spoons, protroll herring and cutplug.  When the fish were in everyone got em.  The Coho are huge for this time of the season, some hitting 10 pounds.  1 out of 10 salmon right now are Coho and all are being caught at the 45 -50 foot depth.


The Halibut fishing is ridiculous, the pinnacle has produced numerous big halibut over the past couple of days largest being 130 pounds(170 cm long).  Really nice to see.  The other areas seem to be fairly flat, but Parker Pass again has a good population of Pacific Cod hanging around.


We only got one chance to go offshore in the past few days but everyone did fairly well, a little more of a grind then in years past but still worth a go on good flat weather.