May 26-2014

Largest Chinook : 25lbs.
Largest Halibut : 20lbs.

The 2014 season is upon us and there was a great deal of hype coming into it about the salmon returns on the coast.  So far it has not been a disappointment, if anything the fishing is probably the best we have had so far for early season Chinook. 

In only the first 2 hours on the water the one test boat did limit on Chinook from 18 to 25 pounds.  All caught in the front bay by the Bonzai tree.  The next day 2 more boats went out and caught the first tide of the morning in the front bay and had similar results.  Now that is what I call an optimistic trend.

A few hours were spent halibut fishing in Parker Passage but not much came of it but a small chicken size halibut.

Cutplugging or flasher/spoon combos did equally well.  I really don't think it mattered what was put in front of them, they were hungry.

We are looking at some windy days for the next couple of days so doubtful we will be on the water much.  We will try to update you in 3 days on the fishing.