May 29-2012

Largest Chinook : 22lbs.
Largest Halibut :

So here we are sitting in Borrowman Bay, and absolutely loving being back in our old stomping grounds.  We have been on location for two days and have spent a little time on the water and it has been incredible.  For only having a couple boats fishing, most of them are coming in limited out in a very short time.  The size of Chinooks have been in the late teens to early twenties.  Trolling select spoons such as Coyote 6.0 UV Glo or Yellow has been the most productive, but there has been quite a bit of action on Army Truck Hoochie pulled behind a green flasher or Green Pro Troll trolled down at 25-35 feet.  The water is extremely clear and we can see that the fish are coming from a long way to hit the lure.  The bait is also heavy in the area.  The best spots thus far has been Borrowman Bay and the Darkside, especially on the flood tide near high...keep in mind that we have not had a lot of time out on the water.  It is incredible to be back and can`t wait to see you all starting in a week or so.