May 31-2011

Largest Chinook : 28lbs.
Largest Halibut : 80lbs.

Our fish pro's have been out for a few days and the results have been very optimistic.  The areas which have produced some nice catches have been the tack down by the Honey Hole(#3), the head of Kettle Inlet and down on the North Side of Clifford Bay.  In Ketlle and Clifford, the best method has been cutplugging at 18 pulls with bait.  Parker Passage has probably been the best place for Halibut thus far, a boat limited out on Halibut the first day we got here and we have picked up a couple in there since.  Super pumped about the new location and we will keep you posted on the fishing trends prior to guests arriving here on June 7th.  Looking forward to seeing you all this summer.