The government of Canada has discontinued the use of paper licence sales.  All fishers are now required to acquire their licence using online (internet) applications).  Choose either a 5-day or Annual Tidal Waters Fishing Licence, as appropriate.  Don't forget your Salmon Stamp.


ALL guests are required to attend a boat operating orientation on the docks, and to sign a rental-boat checklist and waiver.

Boat operators are required to carry with them proof of competency while operating a boat in Canadian waters.

Acceptable forms of proof of competency are:

  • a signed rental-boat checklist and waiver received after attending a boat operating orientation at the lodge
  • a Pleasure Craft Operator card issued from a Transport Canada accredited agency -- there are online courses available for Canadian guests by clicking here
  • a document showing you have successfull completted a boating safety course in Canada prior to April 1, 1999
  • an operator card or equivalent whith meets the requirements of your (US) state or country of residence


Non-residents of Canada are eligible to apply for a rebate of 50% the Government Sales Tax (GST) on the price of their trip.  Applications may only be sent AFTER you have taken your trip, and require a specific form and an original receipt.  We will mail receipts and forms in July each year.  You may also access the form at this website.  If you have any questions, give Roberta a call.


Trip Cancellation and/or Interruption Insurance is available by calling TUGO Travel Insurance at 1-800-663-5389 or online at TuGo Travel Insurance. Click on "Travel Insurance" and follow the links.  The code is indicated on your invoice.


There is an EXCELLENT salmon identification document, including photos, at this website.  Look for Pacific Salmon Identification - MARINE PHASE.


Pacific Net and Twine has been supplying us with our tackle needs since day one, they customize all our gear to suit the fishermen's specific needs on the water and play a big part in the success of our anglers.


Included in your package price is complete fish processing -- all fish is filleted, vacuum packed, frozen and boxed for travel.  If you wish to have some or all of your catch smoked or canned, ask us to ship to St. Jean's Cannery, who will take utmost care to process your fish to your specifications.


The recently renamed Pacific Gateway Hotel at Vancouver Airport has been offering our fishermen fantastic accommodations near the South Terminal since 2000.  The services they offer to fishermen are unmatched.  There is a fantastic shuttle service to both the south terminal and main terminal, huge freezer to store catches and fantastic rooms with some of the comfiest beds we have come across.  


We are pleased to work with Pacific Coastal Airlines for our charter flights from Vancouver to Bella Bella.  They have over 40 years experience serving coastal regions of BC.

Helijet International offers a professional and comfortable flight experience, with spectacular views from Bella Bella to the Lodge.  The Sikorsky 76 helicopter carrys up to 12 passengers and limited luggage into the lodge.  Keep your luggage weight (including carry-on) at 25 lbs or less, ensuring there's plenty of room to take your fish catch home.


The Pacific Salmon Foundation is an organization we proudly support.  Through the years they have been one of the biggest influences in the conservation of our salmon species local to British Columbia, through restocking programs and restoration projects.  The proceeds of a portion of your fishing licence can be allocated to their cause.

North King Lodge is a proud member of the Sport Fishing Institute of British Columbia.  The SFI is a strong advocate for sport fishing rights in British Columbia.  For any information on fishing in BC and up to date changes, please visit their website.