Freedom on the Water

The fishing with North King Lodge is second to none on the coast.  We have access to what many consider the best tidal fishing grounds in British Columbia.  Throughout the entire season we experience a diversity of Salmon runs, which translates to a very consistent catch during your stay versus other areas which hedge on fewer runs in a limited time period.  
Safety is of the utmost importance while with us. The close proximity of the fishing grounds ensure we can keep in communication with everyone on the water, enabling anglers to keep on top of the fishing and allowing for quick response to any issues that may arise. 

The Fishing Grounds

Caamano Sound is located at one of the most isolated parts of the coast, this means little to no access by outside recreational or commercial fishermen. The area is yours to experience, and with that freedom to fish some of the best Salmon and Bottom fishing areas imaginable.


Fishing Equipment

We strive to make your time on the water go smoothly and without interruption. Maintenance of quality gear suitable to the activity are paramount in making this happen. Guests have unlimited use of boats, select gear and tackle, and bait while with us. There is no limit to how much you can fish during daylight hours. The vessels are 18′ welded aluminum centre console, designed specifically for fishing in comfort in our area and outfitted with all necessary safety and fishing equipment.

Fishing Support and Staff

Knowledge is the key in any successful fishing excursion. Conditions change quickly and staying on top of things is essential to a productive outing. Our staff at the lodge and on the water will provide you with all updates on gear and tactics to accomplish your goals. Guide service is offered at the lodge and highly recommended to those new to the area.  Their presence on the water is important to keep everyone well informed.  Also travelling the fishing grounds with all the boats is our Fishmaster.  He’s available for self-guided fishers to offer tips and tricks specific to our local waters.  During the arrival orientation, he provides updates on where the fish are hitting and which bait or tackle is most successful.